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Article – Otago Daily Times

Article - Otago Daily Times

A Review from Happyzine

Check out New Zealand’s new organic raw food Awaken energy bar

Submitted by on December 4, 2011 – 7:23 pm

You may have noticed them in your local organic shop recently, these blazing new raw food musli bars, wrapped in vibrant colours and crying out to be sampled. New stuff is so exciting isn’t it? Take it from me, if you notice some of the new Awaken energy food bars in your ‘hood, try one. They’re the future of energy bars.

Awaken alive energy food bars are raw, gluten free, vegan and contain certified organic ingredients. They were developed by Penny Kingan and Sam Stewart (a gorgeously in-love newly wed couple with a long-time passion for organic food) and Tim Maples – who knew a great idea when he saw one.

The team created a range of bars which are made from raw wholefoods and are processed without heat to preserve precious enzymes, vitamins and phytonutrients.

And they’ve got this superfood thing going on. You may have heard of the superfoods, I’m talking about foods such as Goji Berries, Cacao Nibs and Chia Seeds. These ingredients have been used and even considered sacred for thousands of years because of their amazing properties. I’ve never personally bothered to buy these superfoods, I’ve left them to the lofty peaks of my superfood enthusiast friends, but now I don’t have too. Smug smile. I can just eat these bars.

So just imagine, you’re at the petrol station, on a mission, tummy rumbling you’re in need of a quick fix. You have your food standards, and you don’t hold out much hope for the petrol station offerings. You’d love to grab something natural, not one of these try-hard muesli bars, loaded with sugar and weirdly processed unpronounceable ingredients, but something simple and yummy.

Yep. This is it. These bars are the solution to your quick fix moment. Raw, and I mean really, truly raw, pure organic ingredients that will fill you up with long lasting energy and tick all the boxes of even the most fussy and selective organic food connoisseur.

Did I sample them? Oh yes.

How blessed was I? Penny sent me a box of the following energy bars to enjoy: There was the ‘Banana, Goji and Cacao’ bar which I adored; closely followed by the ‘Cacao, date and hazelnut’ bar (and I’m talking Medool Dates, those big fat organic ones); I tried the yummy ‘Spiced Apricot and Cashew’ and wished it would never end and finally I tried the ‘Apple, Cinamon and Walnut’. Yum! And it’s true, they really did make my body feel good post-eat, which is a rare treat in convenience snacks these days.

So there you have it, high quality, high integrity organic raw food energy bars that provide long lasting energy and have got to the one of the most pure energy bars you can buy in New Zealand. They retail for $3.80 – $4.90 depending on where you buy them. Awaken energy bars are also in the process of gaining organic certification status.